betty verweigerte in den minuten vor ihrer hinrichtung ein letztes statement. anstelle dessen verfasste sie einen brief, vorzulesen am tag nach ihrer hinrichtung:

"Dear Friends,
Today has started without me as a part of the human race. 
I now rest in the arms of My Heavenly Father inside his pearly gates.
Oh, how blessed I was to have you, how blessed I hope I've been to you, to try to show that His grace is all we really need. I never could have made it without our Father's love, without all your love and support.  What our Father has brought together let no one tear apart.
My prayer is I've left this hard-learned lesson. Heal the lost, impaired, disabled, battered, and for all who are in need, stick by the banner and carry it on. Help one another right where you are, near or far. Give your heart in all that is right and good. Bring knowledge to those who don't understand, that they can reach out and learn what they can do for themselves and others.
Always remember the battle is not over, but show up, put on the armor of God and let Him fight the battles through us. Then and only then will we win.
Trust that we all ran a good race and we won together. I'll leave this earth knowing I was loved by many. God is pleased and blessed that your faith was instilled in Him. His rewards are yours.
I love you all and will see you on the other side. God blesses you all. Keep the faith and give all the glory to God.


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